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How Sail LUNA does sustainable and eco-friendly sailing

In honor of Earth Day, we're sharing how we do our part to take care of our amazing little planet and the water that we explore and call home. Keep reading to learn how your vacation with us is sustainable and eco-friendly.

How LUNA does sustainable and eco-friendly sailing

In case you didn't know, LUNA is an eco-friendly charter yacht! We are committed to doing our part to preserve the planet that we love and share with our family, friends, and guests. Today we are sharing some of the steps we take aboard to ensure the continued beauty of our environment.

Solar Power Generation

Besides fueling our tan, the sun helps to fuel LUNA's power. There are 2,000 watts of solar panels installed. This allows us to harvest sun power and use the generator less or not at all.

Sustainable Water Systems

LUNA employs a sustainable water maker, which is powered by onboard solar panels. This works to purify and desalinate seawater on for all the boat's freshwater needs.

Water Bottles

To stay hydrated in the hot sun, LUNA offers personalized, re-usable water bottles to each guest. Drink up knowing you're helping to keep single use water bottles at bay.

Single-use Plastics

We work hard to keep plastic out of our oceans. We do not purchase small water bottles and do not use disposable plastic plates or cups aboard LUNA. Don't worry, we do the dishes!

Eco-friendly Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, we stick to ingredients that keep the sea clean. LUNA uses biodegradable and marine-friendly cleaning products and cleaning cloths for maintaining the boat's interior.

Eco-friendly Toiletries

LUNA provides guests with locally made 100% natural and ocean-friendly toiletries from BVI-based EC Soap Co. We buy in bulk and refill our bottles aboard.

Supporting Local Business

As small business owners ourselves, we love supporting small businesses whenever possible. We procure produce and supplies from local farms and businesses to support the regional economy and reduce our overall carbon footprint.


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