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What facilities are available onboard?

LUNA has available air conditioning, professional espresso machine, ice maker, grill, reverse-osmosis water maker, teak deck, music entertainment system, hot-water deck shower, and Wi-Fi, to name a few.


What kind of activities are available?

Water sport activities include: paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, and, of course, sailing. We also have available floating toys on which to while away the afternoon, sunbathing and sipping a cocktail!


What will our itinerary be?

A few weeks before your trip start date, we will send you a preference sheet/questionnaire. Dream big – and share with us just how you’d like to spend your time aboard LUNA. Your crew will prepare an itinerary based on your preferences. But don't feel locked to any schedule, the beauty of sailing in the Virgin Islands is that most of the islands are relatively close together, leaving room to be spontaneous. 


Do you prefer quiet spots and being off the beaten path? Want to sample the best local bars, restaurants and experience the Caribbean laid-back vibe? How about discovering vibrant coral reefs and swimming with turtles? Or do you have a special occasion to celebrate? Let us know and we'll put together the perfect, bespoke itinerary, travelling in some of the most spectacular cruising grounds in the world!

Can we customize our menu? What type of food and drinks are served?

The menus are designed around your food preferences and availability of products. Our focus is on serving fresh local ingredients, whenever possible.


Juice, sodas, coffee, tea, beer, Luna’s signature cocktail and mixed drinks are available all day for your enjoyment. ​

Your spirits selection includes: Tito's Handmade vodka, Tanqueray gin, Jose Cuervo tequila, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, Caribbean rum, and a variety of liquors. Red and white wines are paired with dinner.


Please remember to let us know your favorite brands and we will happily stock them for you. If you prefer premium wines, champagne or spirits not included in the list above, we will be happy to stock them for you at an additional cost to your charter.


Are laid-back-luxury, crewed yacht charters family-friendly?

Absolutely! A sailing vacation is perfect for families! This is certainly the best vacation for those who wish to spend quality time with their nearest and dearest.


Where is LUNA based?

LUNA is based in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Do I need a passport?

A passport is not needed in the US Virgin Islands. All guests traveling to other destinations or the British Virgin Islands are required to have a valid passport.   


What form of currency is used in the islands?

The US Dollar is used in both the USVI and the BVI. Most places accept credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), but they are subject to availability of the cellular network. Taxi drivers only accept cash and if you choose to do a shore excursion/guided tour, most prefer cash. ATM machines are available only in the largest towns. 


What should I pack?

Pack lightly — you need less than you think. We recommend collapsible, soft-sided luggage for ease of storing your bags in lockers aboard. Please check the “What to pack for your trip” section below, as it includes some items to consider bringing.


What types of shoes will I need?


We promote a barefoot policy aboard LUNA. You will need to bring sandals or flip-flops for the beach. If you are planning to hike, please bring appropriate footwear. Some hikes can be done in flip-flops, but some require sturdy hiking sandals or sneakers. Heels or dress shoes are not necessary, even at the nicest restaurants. Remember, you will be getting in and out of a tender to get to shore, so practical shoes are a must.  If you prefer to wear shoes aboard, we ask that they be clean with non-marking, soft soles. Keep one pair for wearing aboard and another pair of shoes for wearing ashore. Wearing socks only aboard is dangerous as you may slip and fall.

What type of electricity is available aboard?

LUNA has both 110V AC power (US standard) and 12V DC power. Outlets are American-style 3 prong. Each room has USB chargers.


What kind of drinking water is available aboard?

LUNA has a reverse osmosis water making system aboard. We desalinate and filter all the fresh water available onboard. It is safe to drink. We supply re-usable water bottles for all guests to use aboard.


Do you have fun board and card games onboard?

Yes, always! We have a wide variety of board and card games for everyone.


What type of sunscreen should I bring?

The US Virgin Islands has banned sunscreens that are toxic to our beautiful coral reefs. The chemicals oxybenzone, octinoxate, octocrylene (the toxic 3 O’s) and avobenzone, common UV-blockers in sunscreens have been proven to negatively affect coral reefs. To protect the marine life, we recommend that you read labels and look for formulas whose active ingredients are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  In addition, aerosol spray and tinted sunscreens are not allowed aboard the yacht.


Do I need to bring my own snorkel gear?


Snorkel gear (mask, snorkel, and fins) is provided for each guest. However, if you already own snorkel gear you may wish to bring it, as we cannot guarantee that our masks will fit each face perfectly.

For their enjoyment, young children should bring snorkel gear that fits them properly as we have limited small kids sizes on board.


Can I fish during the charter?


Yes! We have fishing gear available aboard LUNA. However, the BVI Government has very strict fishing regulations. Each and every charter guest, 18 years of age or older, who wants to put a fishing line in BVI waters must have a BVI fishing license in order to do so.

It is recommended that you apply for your fishing license one month prior to the charter start date, but no later than one week prior to the charter start date.

Are hair dryers supplied?

Yes, hair dryers are provided aboard. Please note that these power-hungry appliances can be used only while the generator is running.


Do I need to pack towels?


No, we provide towels for bathing and for outdoors.

Are toiletries supplied? 

Yes, we provide our guests with handmade toiletries locally made in the BVIs. These include shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.


Is there access to a washer and dryer?


LUNA does not have laundry facilities on board. If you anticipate needing to use a laundromat during your charter, please let us know in advance so we can add a stop into your itinerary.


Is there Wi-Fi on board?


Yes, LUNA’s wireless network operates over the local cellular network. Feel free to use the Wi-Fi to check your email, read the news, and post to social networks (we especially love that).


Can we connect to LUNA’s music system?


Yes! You can connect to LUNA’s stereo via Bluetooth. 


How can I contact the crew?

You can contact the crew via email at or by phone at +1 954 466 9828

What to pack for your trip

What to bring

  • Passport

  • Cash, credit cards and an ATM card

  • Swimwear & cover-ups

  • Sunhat or visor

  • Sunglasses

  • Sandals/flip-flops

  • Athletic shoes or trainers for active days ashore

  • Casual/comfortable, quick-drying clothes (shorts, t-shirts)

  • Rash guard shirt (UV protection while in the water)

  • One or two outfits for a nice dinner ashore (ladies: casual dress or shorts and blouse and men: collared shirt and shorts)

  • Lightweight waterproof jacket (most often used as a windbreaker)

  • Personal toiletries and medications

  • Reef-safe sunscreen (non-oily, tinted or sprays) and after-sun creams

Helpful but not necessary

  • Splash proof containers for phones

  • Beach bag or "dry bag" bag

  • Camera (and battery chargers)

  • Spare batteries

  • Kindle, iPad, magazines or books

  • Snorkeling gear (if you prefer to use your own)

  • Binoculars

  • Lip balm

  • Contact lens solution (for those using contact lenses)

  • Hair ties (for those with long hair)

What not to bring

  • Hard-sided suitcases

  • More than what you need- space is at a premium onboard and in your cabin

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