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Your own private, personalized, bespoke all-inclusive vacation

You’ll leave your cares behind – because the best vacations are the ones where you don’t need to worry about a thing. And that’s the great thing about your all-inclusive charter aboard LUNA. All you have to do is reserve, share with us your preferences, pack your bags and look forward to a week of fun, adventure and excitement. Everything (and we mean everything else), just leave it to us!

You want to simply relax and take it easy? Done. You want to get adventurous and explore the breathtaking surroundings and ship-to-shore activities on your own personal LUNA vacation? You can do that, too. Any way you want. Whether it’s swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, or just relaxing and enjoying the sun from our large deck space – you’re ‘the captain’ of your own itinerary. It’s your vacation, your LUNA.

From wonderfully delicious gourmet meals, made just for you – to our famous, fully stocked bar and a fun “do-it-all or do-nothing-at-all” itinerary – your LUNA getaway provides everything you could ever want to enjoy the very best all-inclusive vacation imaginable. Talk about ‘legendary!’

There is something for everyone




Water sports

Sipping cocktails



Exploring the beach


Souvenir and duty-free shopping



Bird watching

Watching stars and constellations

Download the ultimate all-inclusive yacht charter vacation guide. 

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